An exclusive series of interviews with in-depth commentaries and coverage of politics and geopolitics. 

Over the next couple of months, we will be publishing a series of articles on both and in an interview format prefaced with a brief contextualising statement and embedded within in-depth commentaries and an informational coverage of politics and geopolitics.

Through this series, we want to go to the source of the reflections that influence politics and geopolitics in the changing world of today. We want to feed our readers with the most trustworthy, accurate and fact-checked information.

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Conducted by author and journalist J.N. PAQUET, the interviews will see politicians, business leaders, economists, lawyers, thinkers and other figures discuss political decisions, social issues, innovative ideas, original projects and complex schemes. He will then translate it all into the most informative of interviews for our readers.

We will, of course, fact-check our guests' answers, because we don't want our readers to be misled with post-truth fake news or alternative facts. While maintaining a neutral journalistic stance, we will also seek to challenge our guests and ask them difficult questions, simply because we know that our readers would want us to!

Simple but wrong answers vs Complex but right answers.

While these exclusive interviews are made freely available on and, it takes a lot of time to set them up, edit them and get all the comments and facts right. To help us to continue making these interviews available to all, we invite you to support our work by making a voluntary contribution. This can be done quite simply by choosing one of the perks available on or by sending a direct payment. Feel free to contribute as you think appropriate.


“The Trump Administration Is Working To Undermine The EU,” EU Top Official Guy Verhofstadt Says.

As President Trump addressed a joint session of the US Congress for the first time on Tuesday night, with a speech about the “renewal of the American spirit”, one of the EU’s top officials and chief Brexit negotiators, MEP Guy Verhofstadt has accepted to answer our questions in an exclusive interview about Donald Trump’s difficult relationship with the European Union, the rise of populism in the world, the Russian threat over major European elections in 2017 and the future of the European Union.

Exclusive Interview. Gina Miller’s Advice To Theresa May: “Stand Up For All The British Public And Their Best Interests.”

As MPs gave the Government the go-ahead by voting the Brexit bill, here is an exclusive interview with Gina Miller, the businesswoman and philanthropist who successfully challenged the Prime minister over Article 50 at the Supreme Court. We talk Brexit, politicians, media, rise of populism, alternative-facts, she shares her views on the Commons debate and how she sees the MPs who have decided to vote with the Government and approved the third reading of the Brexit Bill by 494 votes to 122, talks about her future plans, and even reveals her advice to Theresa May.